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British dance crazes ;-)

Posted on: July 8, 2011

This one’s for the non-british people! You probably know that we have ‘brit-pop’ and with it comes ridiculously catchy, easy to do, dance routines. Most people don’t admit to knowing them, but when they start playing and everyone else dances the steps they instantly join in.


Here are my favourite five, I have chosen ones that I think are relatively funny 🙂

5. The Fast Food Song (& Dance)
Ok, so  if you are European you probably already know this one, but it’s gotta be here just ‘cos of the dance routine in the chorus 🙂 Learn it people, learn it!

Does anyone fancy a shake? SHAKE!

4: Agadoo!
Ok, so the fast food song only homosexuals would dance to, but if you even consider going to a British dance club then you need to know this one 😉 Even especially the grannies get up and do it!

3: Saturday Night
This is just slightly higher than Agadoo, only because the song is more serious. No one actually does the dance to this properly… and it leads to lines of funny drunken people copying the dance from others 😛
By the way; this video comes from a recent TV show made to teach the UK  public how to do the dance correctly… I know right.


2: The Macarena! XD
This isn’t British at all… but we all love Spain so much that it’s still played in normal ”cool kid” nightclubs at the end of the night. If you don’t know the dance, where have you been?

PS; we also love Aserejé, and do the dance to it all the time. Like nerds.

Ok, this song and dance are so famous it’s unbelievable, this group split up at the start of the millennium (and it was so sad!) But this dance routine is still present on dance floors, people do it at their wedding, people do it whenever something bad happens, and it was recently voted Britain’s most famous dance routine on TV XD


OK so there you have a little peak into Britain and the sides of our culture that you probably never hear about. People genuinely do these dance routines every single night in at least one club in each town. I don’t pretend for a second to think that these dances are cool, and neither does anyone else, but it’s a cheesy drunken thing that we like to do XD

Love Jamie xx

Ps; I’m now off to do the YMCA with a few friends 😉 Blackpool  is the gay capital of ”the world” apparently.


1 Response to "British dance crazes ;-)"

XD OMG I was just dancing like a retarded….

Love all of it.

❤ blahblahblahblah EEEEEEEEEH MACARENA! AAAI! XD

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