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Du Bist Ein Dummkopf! A lesson in German insults…

Posted on: July 11, 2011

If you don’t already know German then you will know just how funny it sounds, especially if you shout it in an angry voice. It kind of sounds like you are spitting the insult at someone 😉 So here we go with the German insults:

Ps; the English translations are the closest normal phrase that we would say, rather than a direct translation.

Du blöde Kuh – You Stupid Cow!
Arschgesicht – AssFace
Du bist der Dorftrottel – You’re the Village Idiot!
Hurensohn – Son of bitch!
Leck mich am arsch – Lick my ass!

And now for my favourite:
ich hab deine freudin gefickt , aber leider war sie nicht so gut wie deine mutter!
I fucked your girlfriend, but sadly, she was not as good a fuck as your Mother!

So now you are fully equipped to deal with any unfriendly situation you may find yourself in in Germany. A little tip that I learned is to refer to a German as an animal, they seem to hate it. Also, if you want to sink really low, you can call them a Nazi… but that’s just going a bit too far 🙂

Jamie xx


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