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Love: A Poem

Posted on: July 13, 2011

Well Here I go, about to embarrass myself ridiculously but posting the worst poem ever written. It’s my first foray into the world of poetry, so maybe you could forgive the dreadfulness? The topic  (and title) is love, which seems to be the most common topic, yet the least understood.
So here it is, enjoy.


Love is an interesting concept.
It can mean different things to different people.

There are those who consider it to be a cuddle;
Perhaps wrapped up in front of the fire?

But there are others who just want some fun;

Let’s not forget those who want trust,
Trust in every aspect of life, complete truth.

And the others.

who want it so bad.
who want it for gain.
who desperately want it back.
who are ready to love you.

Then there are those who are like me;
They don’t look for any type of love;
They are happy without it;
Then one day they find a person;
And only then do they realize;
That what they have stumbled  upon is;

Well, thank you for reading it.
I hope it wasn’t too terrible.
And at least gave you a good laugh.


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1 Response to "Love: A Poem"

Waw….what a ….lovely and touching poem.

I might write it down and use it on my love letters xD

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