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Who run the world? GIRLS!

Posted on: July 13, 2011

Let’s keep this one short and sweet. I just want to confirm with you guys that the female world powers (poweresses?) are completely insane!

Dilma Rousseff – President of Brazil

This lady is wonderful. Utterly wonderful.
Her list of extravagances include causing a state of ‘Dilma fever’ throughout Bulgaria during her election campaign, they even sent their prime minister there to invite her to Bulgaria to see them. Interestingly she had never been there before.

Also, Brazil held a grand concert that lasted most of the day and night for her in order to celebrate her presidency. What did she do? She left within the first half hour to throw her own private international party in a five star hotel. GOOD FOR HER!

Angela Merkel
Prime Minister of Germany

Firstly, she is German. Therefore she is instantly awesome.

Now the extravagant behaviour. After receiving a letter form the Iranian government containing some not so nice words about Israel and it’s Jewish community she refused to have any further contact with them. BLANKING the Iranian president until a subject change was agreed.

The best? She has become rather famous internationally after it was revealed that she explained to her cabinet that the German society wasn’t working correctly, there was a clear divide between Christians and Muslims. Her solution? The Muslims should conform to the Christian society of Germany or ”this is not the place to be” Well, a little harsh I suppose. But I have a feeling that her words were twisted, at least slightly.

And there’s no need at all to mention the former British prime Sinister Margaret Thatcher, who single handedly destroyed the country, and got to work on the rest of the World before we could do anything about her. Fortunately she is now a little old lady with very little ability to do any harm. But still, as far as psychotic political women go, she was up there with the best!

So there you have it, psycho women in charge of the biggest countries in the world.
Good for them.
The b-loody lunatics.



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