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You Gay!: A Message.

Posted on: July 13, 2011

Dear, The World.

Recently a number of people (all from lesser developed parts of the world) have spoken to me about the difficulties they face regarding their sexuality. Unfortunately they all live in countries with homophobic cultures, tainted by religious prejudices and the out-of-date opinions of their elders.

I wanted to write this post to re-enforce what the intelligent and strong minded already know. Homosexuality exists, and it is normal. It’s not a disease, nor a birth defect. It most certainly isn’t a choice. It’s just the way a person is made. Whether that be by nature, or by God.

The bible, which many believe to be his word, tells us that ‘To lay with another man is a sin’. True. In the same verse it also tells us of sins regarding the wearing of wool with cotton, or other materials. The planting of more than one crop in a fields and countless other acts, which are practiced daily and completely accepted. Why therefore does society choose to pick on homosexuality?

What I want to do is appeal to the better nature of all of you who have even the tiniest ounce of homophobia in your bones, and that is most people. Homosexuals are on the receiving end of many jokes that you may consider to be harmless. They are not. It is something that should not be tolerated, but accepted.

I know this post won’t make a change by itself. But by posting it I feel that I have done something to stand by the people who fight for equality.




Here is a little video a friend sent me, regarding this subject. It is part of an initiative called Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN) I advise you to check it out, see the videos and help make a change.


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