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Deep Dark Secrets: & some HP nerdness.

Posted on: August 9, 2011

“The Fidelius Charm is a complex and powerful Charm that takes a specific piece of information (the secret) and implants it into a being’s soul. The one whose soul houses the secret is known as the Secret-Keeper.”

So, very nerdy I know. But there is going to be some depth to this post. The nature of JK Rowling’s fidelius charm is to keep something completely secret, only allowing the people closest to you to know the secret, and forbidding them from muttering it to anyone else.

Imagine if magic were real, and this was a real charm.

Cool, huh?

So my question to you ladies and gents is which piece of information would you choose as your secret, and into the soul of whom would you choose to implant it? Here a few examples:

There is a tiny little rocky cove near Blackpool which I adore and have spent many a summer’s evening. Nobody else I know has ever found this space, therefore I would preserve this for myself by making it my secret. I would be the secret keeper myself.

I just pooped myself. Everyone who reads this is the secret keeper. Don’t tell anyone.

For those of you uncool people who don’t believe in reading Harry Potter then consider this question ‘Which piece of information would you like to keep secret, and who would you trust to keep it for you?”

Tell me.

The End.

BTW: You obviously don’t have to tell me your real deepest secret 🙂


2 Responses to "Deep Dark Secrets: & some HP nerdness."

My secret is that i am always afraid of farting when i sneeze (since this happened to me once in public) and i make you my secret keeper…shhh..

My secret is that I miss you!! What happened? new phone? send me an email or something

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