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Jamie Xenophilius Moore

(OK, my middle name isn’t Xenophilius.)

Good morning readers, this is a little post to introduce me to you all, ‘cos not all of you know who I actually am. Consider this an intricate peep through the window of my soul *cough*. Or consider it a list of things about me, which is what it is.

I am Jamie Moore,
My birthday is in April.
I was born & bred in Blackpool.
I live in Newquay.
I am an only child.
Yet, I have a half-brother.
I am a gentleman.
But don’t sweep ladies off their feet.
I attended uni.
But dropped out.
I am British.
English to be precise.
I appreciate foreigners.
I wish I were Italian πŸ™‚
I am almost exactly 6’0″ tall
My partner is a short ass πŸ™‚
I make the most amazing butternut squash and tomato soup.
I will make you a bowl one day.
I drink coffee like a drain,
My preferred tipple is a Skinny Latte πŸ™‚

Anything to do with Whoopi Goldberg makes me chuckle.
Even if she just stands there and looks at me.
If anybody puts mushrooms in the fridge I eat them.
Within the first ten minutes of their presence.
I have a king size bed.
I am that important.
Meerkat’s are my favourite animal.
They are utterly cute. Fofinho.

I have nothing more to add to this list at the moment:
I will soon though.
Is there anything you would like to know?
That’s a hint to comment πŸ˜›

One more fact: Electropop music rocks.
So here are two of my favourite electropop songs, the first is English whereas the second one is French.


Every year since 1956 countries holding membership to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have come together to produce a europe-wide concert, being broadcast in all member states. It is one of the most watched shows in the continent. The premise is simple, each participating country sends one band, of up to six members, to the concert to perform a song of up to three minutes long. It must be performed completely live, no second chances. Each country then votes for their favourite song, however they cannot vote for their own country. Each country then rewards an amount of points to each other country, with the highest scoring being the winner of the contest and the host of the next years contest.

Now I don’t wish to write a post just explaining the competition, rather I would like to present some of my opinions on past entries. Firstly, I will mention some of the success stories:

  • Cliff Richard performed in the song contest twice, on his first attempt he came in 2nd, and on the second attempt he attained 3rd position. Song 1 Song 2
  • ABBA launched their worldwide career in the contest, with their song Waterloo, which won. Link
  • Katrina & The Waves won the 1997 contest. Link

These were all very serious performances, with world class songs however. In modern times the contest is a breeding ground for the campest, most extravagant performances of pop music imaginable. Take this for example, Ukraine’s entry to the 2007 contest…

Britain was also on the camp wagon that year, with this performance by Scooch (needless to say we didn’t fair too well that year)

As well as these comical, yet catchy, songs there have been some pretty high standard songs too. Consider this, the UK’s 2009 entry (which came 5th overall) :-

Also, Austria’s 2011 entry (she was only 19, bless)

So there you have it, a little taste of the Eurovision Song Contest. Finally I will show you the 2010 winning song, which I personally like (but it’s quite uncool to share my opinion) Here is Lena:

One final note!
There is also a Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Which I have personally never seen as the United Kingdom does not participate, but here you have a video of Belgium singing in one of them.

There’s another post for the day mi gente.
Hope you enjoy the cheesy music again.
Mr J Moore.

Here is the Jessie J that you are used to seeing, the one who has taken the worldwide music industry by storm. Flying the British flag with her and letting people known of her roots at every opportunity. Everybody loves her. Or so they claim. There are too many people telling me now-a-days that they loved her from the beginning – that they followed her from the humble Youtube days. Yet you ask them to nameΒ  one song that she sang online and they can’t give you an answer, not without googling it anyway.

I, on the other hand, did follow Jessie J on youtube, at least for the second half of her ‘tenure’ there. I constantly claimed that her rendition of I Have Nothing was amazing. Yet nobody listened to me.

Now, I am not saying that I was the only one who saw her talent. She had a huge following, hundreds of fans who were more into her than me. Her original songs were being covered even though she had never released them professionally. She really was what you would call a Youtube sensation. But still, she was unknown at a professional level, and beyond a few live performances she was just a young girl, singing to a web camera in her pyjamas. Then…

Do it like a dude is released and all of a sudden the whole world has been following her for the last year and always knew she had the talent to be world class.


It just makes me laugh that people claim to have been listening to her years before, when they blatantly were not.

So come on people. Let’s not try to make ourselves seem like bigger fans with stupid claims. Just appreciate the music that you have actually listened to. I am certainly not complaining about the tracks she has released as singles, and I am always looking forward to the next one. So Go Jessie J! XD

Oh and, you might want to download her album. Gotta support the home grown talent πŸ˜‰

[Do It Like A Dude] [I Have Nothing]

Love y’all,

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