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Well good day to you my fine readers, it’s been a while and a half since I last posted but I’ve found a dose of inspiration in the form of a bowl of porridge. I wish to express to you all my great displeasure with regard to the lies I have been bought up to believe about which foods are good for me, and which aren’t.

Let me introduce you to a company called WeightWatchers, you probably know them for their weight loss programs and meetings, and although I have never tested them I am led to believe they are quite popular. What goes on behind the scenes is what’s interesting, they calculate the Protein, Carbs, Fat and Fibre in foods and relate that information to how well the body can digest these. They completely ignore calories.

Here’s were it gets interesting (if you’ve managed to stay for this long :P)

I have spent my whole life waking up and thinking “damn, I should really eat a healthy breakfast today – let’s have a bowl of porridge!”

This bowl of porridge contains 40g
oats, with 240ml milk. (A boring, not
too tasty, breakfast)

Now let’s consider this,

This toastie is made with two slices
of white bread, with loads of mush
rooms, 3 slices of wafer thin ham
and a poached egg. Sounds nice

These two breakfasts are EQUALLY healthy. EQUALLY! I ask myself, how can two slices of carbohydrate filled white bread, containing fatty ham and other breakfast goodies be as healthy as a bowl of nasty-ass porridge oats (without the ten spoons of sugar that it would need to actually taste decent). Well this is where I will try and get all scientific. In the ham and eggs there is lots of protein and fibre, which are both a lot more difficult for the body to digest (thus burning more energy in doing so) than all the fat in the milk.

Here’s another little tidbit that makes me feel healthy. If I were to but the mushrooms, ham, poached eggs, and one slice of toast on a plate, I could add a sausage, or FOUR fatless bacon medallions for the same level of healthiness. That’s like… a full English breakfast being the same as a bowl of porridge.

Despite being quite annoyed that I have spent my life believing things to be healthy, when actually they aren’t any better than the nicer tasting things, I am chuffed to know I can continue eating rubbish and being very happy as a result XD

Oh, and here’s the bit that makes me really happy, one glass of beer, which contains only 4% alcoholic volume is equal (nutrition wise) to two 37% alc. vol. shots of VODKA!

Thank you for having listened to my rant/learning about porridge.

Nice day XD
Mr Jamie Moore.


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