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Salut mes petits amours! After the runaway (cough) success of my German Insults post I decided to seek inspiration from another race who are known to be quite frivolous with their words, the French. So here are my favourite romantic French phrases for you to try out on your other half.

Je vis d’amour et d’eau douce | I live on love and fresh water
(50% of my french friends insist on ‘douce’. the other 50% and some others insist it’s fraiche)
Que mes baisers soient les mots d’amour que je ne te dis pas | My kisses are the unspoken words of love!
Je respire l’odeur de ton corps | I breath the smell of your body (don’t use if they stink)
Fait-il chaud ici, ou c’est juste toi? | Is it hot in here? Or is it just you?
Comme si j’étais la lune et tu étais les étoiles. | As if I were the moon and you were the stars

For the homosexuals amongst us:
Je préfère les rapports anaux | I prefer anal persuits
Un peu de plastique n’est pas un probleme pour moi! | A little plastic is not a problem for me!

Ok, so the last ones aren’t genuinely romantic, I found them on comedy sites. But you liked them, right? ;) (& sorry if they offended you moody readers)

So, there you go, my second post of the day. I would like you to remember this as the rennaisance of my blogging career, my return to posting after a three day break :P

Au revoir mes amours,



I am a goldfish.

A goldfish lives in it’s own little world, inside it’s glass bowl. It has it’s own life there. Yet it can also see out of the bowl. To the rest of the world  around it.

We are the same.

In today’s society human beings live inside their own fish bowl, this being their day to day lives. Technology, namely the internet, is the window out to the rest of the world.

I only started thinking about this a week ago, when I made my blog. I began to realize that there are so many different people, doing so many different things, in so many different places. It just makes me want to do one thing:

Break out.

Fortunately for us, we can break out. It isn’t difficult. We have the freedom to leave our fish bowl, unlike that little goldfish. We can visit the other parts of the world. Experience what it has to offer. And for that we should be grateful.

Here’s something else to think about though, we all want to break out – and we do.

But where do we always end up?

Home. Our fish bowl.
I am a goldfish, are you?


Dear, The World.

Recently a number of people (all from lesser developed parts of the world) have spoken to me about the difficulties they face regarding their sexuality. Unfortunately they all live in countries with homophobic cultures, tainted by religious prejudices and the out-of-date opinions of their elders.

I wanted to write this post to re-enforce what the intelligent and strong minded already know. Homosexuality exists, and it is normal. It’s not a disease, nor a birth defect. It most certainly isn’t a choice. It’s just the way a person is made. Whether that be by nature, or by God.

The bible, which many believe to be his word, tells us that ‘To lay with another man is a sin’. True. In the same verse it also tells us of sins regarding the wearing of wool with cotton, or other materials. The planting of more than one crop in a fields and countless other acts, which are practiced daily and completely accepted. Why therefore does society choose to pick on homosexuality?

What I want to do is appeal to the better nature of all of you who have even the tiniest ounce of homophobia in your bones, and that is most people. Homosexuals are on the receiving end of many jokes that you may consider to be harmless. They are not. It is something that should not be tolerated, but accepted.

I know this post won’t make a change by itself. But by posting it I feel that I have done something to stand by the people who fight for equality.




Here is a little video a friend sent me, regarding this subject. It is part of an initiative called Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN) I advise you to check it out, see the videos and help make a change.

Well Here I go, about to embarrass myself ridiculously but posting the worst poem ever written. It’s my first foray into the world of poetry, so maybe you could forgive the dreadfulness? The topic  (and title) is love, which seems to be the most common topic, yet the least understood.
So here it is, enjoy.


Love is an interesting concept.
It can mean different things to different people.

There are those who consider it to be a cuddle;
Perhaps wrapped up in front of the fire?

But there are others who just want some fun;

Let’s not forget those who want trust,
Trust in every aspect of life, complete truth.

And the others.

who want it so bad.
who want it for gain.
who desperately want it back.
who are ready to love you.

Then there are those who are like me;
They don’t look for any type of love;
They are happy without it;
Then one day they find a person;
And only then do they realize;
That what they have stumbled  upon is;

Well, thank you for reading it.
I hope it wasn’t too terrible.
And at least gave you a good laugh.


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Vou escrever em portugués, só porque a inspiração para o post vem do Nelson Marono 🙂

O amor é uma das coisas mais importantes no mundo. Toda gente ama algo ou alguem, e por isso quero falar de uma pessoa especial, o dono do meu coração ele chama-se Roger, e vou explicá-lo a vocés antes de revelar a sua foto, espero que vejam a sua personalidade individual como eu, e espero que possam respeitar o meu amor para ele.

Aqui há cinco coisas que vocés provavelmente não sabiam sobre o meu amor:

1: Ele é uma pessoa baixa. Não tem mais de um metro de altura.

2: É bastante preguiçoso!  [link]

3: Ele gosta muito de usar perucas de todo estilo.

4: É alcoólico e droga-se sempre, as vezes acidentalmete. [link]

5: Não é um ser humano… de fato não sei exactamente o que ele é… mas sei que amo-o.

E agora imagino que vocés querem ver a identidade física deste garanhão de amor não é?

Então, aqui é…


OK OK OK! Eu sei que o Roger de American Dad não é exactamente real MAS se ele existisse casá-me-ia com ele sem pensar.
Então, agora vocés sabem um pouco do que acontece na minha mente pequena. Espero que não achem-me completamente raro, e espero que saibam que esta posta foi só uma piada 🙂

Até logito XD


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