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Jamie Xenophilius Moore

(OK, my middle name isn’t Xenophilius.)

Good morning readers, this is a little post to introduce me to you all, ‘cos not all of you know who I actually am. Consider this an intricate peep through the window of my soul *cough*. Or consider it a list of things about me, which is what it is.

I am Jamie Moore,
My birthday is in April.
I was born & bred in Blackpool.
I live in Newquay.
I am an only child.
Yet, I have a half-brother.
I am a gentleman.
But don’t sweep ladies off their feet.
I attended uni.
But dropped out.
I am British.
English to be precise.
I appreciate foreigners.
I wish I were Italian 🙂
I am almost exactly 6’0″ tall
My partner is a short ass 🙂
I make the most amazing butternut squash and tomato soup.
I will make you a bowl one day.
I drink coffee like a drain,
My preferred tipple is a Skinny Latte 🙂

Anything to do with Whoopi Goldberg makes me chuckle.
Even if she just stands there and looks at me.
If anybody puts mushrooms in the fridge I eat them.
Within the first ten minutes of their presence.
I have a king size bed.
I am that important.
Meerkat’s are my favourite animal.
They are utterly cute. Fofinho.

I have nothing more to add to this list at the moment:
I will soon though.
Is there anything you would like to know?
That’s a hint to comment 😛

One more fact: Electropop music rocks.
So here are two of my favourite electropop songs, the first is English whereas the second one is French.


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